Zambia: Namasho Village Woman injured after crocodile attack

Zambia: A 23-year-old woman from Namasho village in Nalolo District of Western Province was attacked by a crocodile on Wednesday. The victim survived the attack, however, she is currently nursing wounds at Senanga District Hospital.

The victim has been identified as Lungowe Mutumba. She was attacked by the animal while accompanying five women to cut reeds at a stream called Sooli sa Matula.

The investigating officers have reached out to the victim to ascertain the circumstances of the attack. She revealed that the five women who were with her at the time of the incident saw the whole ordeal.

Mutumba explained that she fought with the crocodile that dragged her into the water using a batch of reeds and a machete that she was carrying.

“The crocodile kept pulling me into the water and I fought back using the reeds and machete, but after some time, my machete fell into the water and I lost strength,” she said.

Mutumba added that after realising that she was running out of breath, she called for help. However, the people who were with her were afraid to help and instead called her sister-in-law.

Monde Inambao, the 26-year-old family member of the victim, was back at the Namasho village at the time of the incident. She later came running with a machete to help Mutumba.

“The crocodile dipped me in and out of the water about four times before my sister-in-law jumped into the water and hit it with a machete as she carried me out of the water,” she mentioned.

And Senanga District Hospital Nurse in Charge, Barbra Kapaku has described the condition of  Mutumba who sustained injuries on the right thigh and right arm as stable.

“Our patient is responding well to treatment and her life is out of danger,” Kapaku assured.

Meanwhile, Nalolo District Commissioner, Namatama Mupo who visited the patient yesterday, expressed gratitude to the hospital management for their quick response.

“We thank God that the good reception that the patient has received from the hospital has contributed to her quick recovery,” Ms Mupo noted.

She also commended Monde Inambao for her heroic act in rescuing her sister-in-law.