Botswana: Slizer recieves fans love after successful show in Lorwana

Botswana: Queen of House Kwassa, Naledi Kaizara AKA Slizer recently headlined an after-work event in Lorwana. The event was hosted on Friday at the Pashedu Bar and was the perfect way to kickstart the weekend for the attendants.

The after-work event was hosted in order to activate the GA MME Music Festival, which will be hosted in Lorwana. The music festival is being hosted just in time for the festivals. The After-Work event was the perfect way to build anticipation for the Music Festival.

Slizer invited all of her admirers and fans to come and support her through social media, hours before the event started. The fans of the Botswanan musician did not disappoint and showed up in their numbers. She is one of the most loved and revered artists to come out of Botswanan roots, according to several fans.

Her loyal fan base was also present in large numbers at the Pashedu Bar, where Slizer was performing on Friday. The event attracted a lot of crowd, the credit for which would go to the headlining artist’s captivating musical prowess.

Another reason contributing to the tremendous success of the event was that the doors of the event were open to everyone. The people of Botswana were extremely excited to see their favorite artist perform.

The event organizers cautioned that the event will be open to all, however, they would not serve alcohol to any of the patrons below 18. The event organizers also provided food and drinks to the attendees.

After the show concluded, some of the attendants praised the artist for her grand presence and performance at the event. The fans assured Slizer that they would support and celebrate her throughout her career.

The artist’s social media was flooded with compliments and heartfelt messages. One of the comment, from an ardent fan read: mangwada sizana , love you kgaitsadi since yo first album.