Cameroonian artist Gasha speaks on Wizkid controversy, explains what is ‘AFROBEATS’

The female musician explained that the word ‘AFRO’ is a short form or symbol or sign for Africa or African Heritage. The word ‘BEAT’ simply means the beats of music.

Cameroonian singer Gasha
Cameroonian singer Gasha

Cameroonian singer Gasha has joined Nigerian singers Davido over the Burna Boy and Wizkid controversy to help explain what the music genre Afrobeats actually is.

Considering the unique music style, the controversy over Afrobeats has raised and hyped the musicians also to speak their minds.

While expressing her thoughts, the 33-year-old singer Gasha has said, “To me, this ‘afrobeats’ argument is silly, distracting and getting out of hand,”

The female musician explained that the word ‘AFRO’ is a short form or symbol or sign for Africa or African Heritage. The word ‘BEAT’ simply means the beats of music. Simple!

“So as long as the sound is from our motherland (Africa) or inspired by Africa it is an AFRO freaking beat!!” said Gasha.

Nigerian Rapper Davido
Nigerian Rapper Davido

She added that every African and anyone else who desires is free to make Afro music or Afro beats or be inspired by it, it’s OUR HERITAGE!!

“It’s music is too huge to be boxed to a category or limit it to just one African country!! I see major big names being all childish about it as it’s just seems ridiculous to me,” said Gasha.

The singer added further that the Afro beat is an African Music! And then there are other specific genres in African music naturally as everywhere else.

Mentioning her country Cameroon, Gasha expressed, “Cameroon sounds are African beats, same as Senegal music, Ghanaian, South Africa (SA) and so on!”

African singer Wizkid
African singer Wizkid

She said that as an African anything you is automatically Afro because it is in your DNA. You don’t even have to ‘act’ Afro you are Afro!! It’s a great time for African music right now and we will ruin it completely if our focus remains on petty topics.

The statement issued by the singer Gasha has followed the controversy after the superstar Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun who is professionally known as Wizkid asserted that he is not an ‘Afrobeats’ artiste.

He added that no one should ever call him an afrobeats artiste again and said, “any one who does that is a bitch or how.”

Wizkid further dragged the Afrobeats fans to filth as he stressed that those who likes his Afrobeats songs such as ‘Pakurumo’ should not attempt to download his forthcoming album.

Singer Burna Boy
Singer Burna Boy

The raging controversy has also grasped the famous Nigerian singer David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has started receiving praises from social media users, following the way he described the music genre – Afrobeats.

After Wizkid, artist Burna Boy has also opinionatedly explained that he is not an afrobeat artiste; rather, he has created his own music genre and tagged it ‘Afrofusion’.

According to Burna Boy, being from Africa, it doesn’t mean that your music must be Afrobeats and clarified that there are many other music genres in Africa.

Apart from this, in an interview, Burna Boy mentioned that there’s only one person who sang in Afrobeat, the legendary icon Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and added that the United Kingdom has no input in the name of Afrobeats.