City of Cape Town urges public to stay alert as roadways flood in heavy rain

Cape Town is experiencing the wet and windy weather at present and is completely submerged in the water. The weather conditions are set to remain in place for the next few days as the Traffic Service of the City urges the local public to stay alert from the localised flooding of roadways.

Reportedly, the city will communicate the possibly affected roads but the incidents may occur at any moment and may not necessarily be on the list of the reported locations.

The Traffic Service is not in a position to post officers at every affected location. However, the road users are reminded to follow some rules such as, drive slowly to avoid losing control in wet conditions.

Keeping the headlights on all the time and leaving earlier for the destination to have extra traveling time, are some suggestions to be followed.

Another thing which is advised is to increase the distance in traffic, in the event that one need to come to a sudden stop or slow down quickly as it takes longer to brake in wet weather conditions.

People are advised to check their car’s wipers, brakes, tyres and lights at a regular time span. If there are any defects, get them repaired immediately.

A video has also been shared by the City of Cape Town as the city grapples with the impacts of inclement weather. The city teams have been out and about, restoring electricity faults, clearing fallen trees, while attending to flooded areas and working in informal settlements to assist the ones who are affected across Cape Town.

Considering this, Alderman JP Smith said that the city team continues to be on high alert throughout the night. Keep safe, stay indoors and travel only when it is necessary.

Earlier, on Sunday, July 07, 2024 the Disaster Coordinating Team of the city continues to monitor the impacts of the prevailing inclement weather. The update of July 07, recorded that there have been numerous road closures due to flooding and downed trees. There was also a mudslide along an embarkment on the N1, which will be attended by SANRAL to name a few.

As per the sources, the reports of flooding in informal settlements were received from the Strand and Macassar areas. The Informal Settlements Management branch of Cape Town is providing assistance to affected residents.

Cape Town received consistent and heavy rainfall, set in the early hours of the morning and is expected to continue for the coming days. The downpour will likely compound the impacts as the week progresses.

Considerably, the DCT will monitor the metropole from the DRM Strategic Room in Goodwood and will coordinate the responses. The responses will mainly coordinate to conduct the assessments to determine the nature and extent of any humanitarian required relief.

Any replaced, repaired, assessed or damaged city infrastructure will also be coordinated. The introduced engineering or other solutions that are dependent on the situation will be provided with relief from weather-related impacts.