Kanye hosts Comedy/Drama Regional Art Festival

The people of Kanye celebrated the Drama and Comedy Regional Arts Festival  as a part of the National Arts Festivals

Kanye hosts Comedy/Drama Regional Art Festival, Image: facebook
Kanye hosts Comedy/Drama Regional Art Festival, Image: facebook

Botswana: The people of Kanye celebrated the Drama and Comedy Regional Arts Festival as a part of the National Arts Festivals that are being held in various parts of the country. The participants of the competitions showed their talent in terms of comedy and drama in a series of competitions.

The events sought to bring, to the forefront, the talents of the people and encourage them to make a career in drama and comedy. The National Art Festivals are a way of promoting the creative economy of the nation.


Several creatives and drama/comedy enthusiasts of Kanye competed in the two categories and won a variety of prices. The competition was also overseen by the Member of Parliament for Kanye North Thapelo Letsholo.

The Minister highlighted that drama and comedy is not only a form of entertainment for Batswana.  It also offers reflection and social commitment to our existence. The form of creativity gives the people the opportunity to explore and express the complexity of human experiences.

He added that comedy and drama draw inspiration from diverse cultural influences and life long experiences. The people who are engaged in drama and comedy have the capability to laugh at ourselves and to consider new perspectives.

At the same time, the people can also share significant transformational messages with the audiences they are addressing. Member of Parliament Letsholo expressed that through National Arts Festivals that artists are able to show case their skills.

The arts festival allows the participants to gain recognition and to develop their culture through theie talents. The MP also encouraged creative sector to explore artistic opportunities leveraged by the technology to express a dynamic and multidimensional interactions amid cultures and artistic expressions.

The winners for the comedy and drama segments of the competition are:



1.Lentle Makwaje –Gaborone

2.Oganeditse Sione- Tlokweng

3.Oefile Mokgware- Gabane


1.Bonang Koo-Lobatse

2.Peo Creations- Molepolole

3.Gaga ja Pharing-Kanye

The Councillor for Dilowe Ward, Morapedi Kgosithebe agreed with the member of parliament on the significance of the creative economy. He acknowledged that the significance of cultural social cohesion cannot be over-emphasized.

He highlighted that as culture evolve, artists should collaborate, blending elements from various cultures that resonates with audience at different levels.  He also encouraged creative industry to reach out to primary schools to groom upcoming artists. He called on the creatives to make use of the services provided by the National Arts Council of Botswana to diversify the economy.