Leaders are being urged to provide leadership in order to ensure success of Parish Development Model

‘Emmanuel Lumala Dombo’ is the director of the information and also publically an NRM secretariat; he asked all the leaders who are at levels to take an interest in the welfare of the people and provide leadership at all the community levels in order to ensure the Parish Development Model (PDM) succeeds.

The date of the PDM launch is on February 26, 2022, and it will be launched in the Kibuku district, Bukedi sub-region, and President Museveni will launch it.


The sub-region of the Bukedi is the grassroots economic model, and their main target is the 39 percent of the population that only produces food for consumption.

According to Dombo, “It is my appeal to all the nation that we need adopt this model as a gateway to transforming the humble backyards where we basically belonged. It is very important for all the echelons of the political and technical leadership of the country as well as the intelligentsia and the population at large – to reflect on that context as we obtain the PDM.”

Dombo stated that the government’s financial inclusion plan is to promote the savings and investments by households in the most likely activities with a potential for generating a production surplus for home and for local consumption and the market.

He further stated that this is the latest intervention that shows the government’s non-stop quest to lift all Ugandans from the complex of poverty and show them how poverty comes at the backdrop of the campaign promise to secure the future of Ugandans in the 2021 general elections.

He said PDM offers decision-making in the hands of beneficiaries who will decide what suits them best in their locality.

The model is designed and manufactured under seven pillars in which production, storage, processing, and marketing; infrastructure and economic services; financial inclusion; social services; mindset change; parish-based management information system; governance and administration included.