Lupososhi student accused of impregnating fellow student commits suicide

Zambia: A student of grade 11 at Katuta Secondary School in Lupososhi District has committed suicide after he was accused of impregnating a fellow pupil. The victim has been identified as 24 year old Blessing Simponzya of Chief Katuta’s chiefdom

The student committed suicide on Monday night by hanging himself on a tree. Chief Katuta reported the details of the death to the media and expressed sadness at the death of the pupil.

The traditional leader explained that he was disappointed by the circumstances of the suicide of the child. He claimed that the death of the pupil is an indication that more needs to be done to ensure pupils refrain from engaging themselves in illicit activities.

He said teachers and other stakeholders need to encourage pupils to refrain from engaging in sexual relationships. The elders must encourage but instead concentrate on their education and make better decisions regarding their lives.

In this regard, Chief Katuta also called on government to quickly complete the construction of Katuta Boarding Secondary School. He said the completion of the school will enable teachers to control the conduct of pupils as they will be encircled.

“If the pupils were encircled and controlled by teachers as is the case in boarding secondary schools, such cases of sexual relationships among learners would have been avoided. Unlike the current situation where pupils have maximum freedom to do anything they want,” he said.

Chief Katuta has since warned that any pupil or any parents who will be found encouraging such behaviour will be disciplined. The parents and guardians of the deceased student have not come forward to share any further details.

Meanwhile Lupososhi District Education Board Secretary Mwape Chikuma talked to the media. He said he is yet to compile full information about the incident.

Most pupils at the school are staying in rented houses which they have turned into weekly boarding. This is because the government has not yet opened the boarding section as the school is not yet complete.