Mongu District police finds aborted foetus near Mboo Compound

Malawi: Police in Mongu District of Western Province have recently found the dead body of a female infant. The officials have shared that the that the they found the infant in a the drain in a district.

The baby is suspected to have been aborted at six months old by the parents who subsequently threw the foetus in a drain. The police officers found the body at approximately midday from the drainage by the crossroads near Mboo Compound in Mongu Town.

As per the police officials sharing the details of the accident, passers-by who were going to buy mealie meal found the body. The police officials suspect that the mother aborted and threw the foetus into the drainage.

The body may have been disposed off in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday. The passersby who found the body alerted the Mongu District police officers and gave them relavent details.

The officers have started an investigation with the members of the community urging the police officers to take strict action on the mother.

Additionally, community members have condemned the mother’s move, describing it as barbaric and uncalled for. The people have categorised the incident as a crime and termed the mother cold hearted.

Munalula Matakala expressed sadness on the incident. They said if one is not ready to give birth, they should not indulge in activities that lead to pregnancies.

Another resident, Mulako Kanahala, said such a move is unfortunate and though life is tough a mother should equally be tough in taking care of a baby and if anything, others can move in to help in the raising up of the child.

Oscar Chimbweta stressed the significance of parental responsibility, citing God’s will for people to produce and raise children.

Meanwhile, Mukonda Mukonda added that such an act is bad and detrimental to society, therefore, such mothers should be brought to book and be arrested.