Reaction officers assist tornado struck community in Tongaat – KZN

Reaction officers assist tornado struck community in Tongaat - KZN, Image: Facebook
Reaction officers assist tornado struck community in Tongaat - KZN, Image: Facebook

South Africa: The roofs of multiple homes were ripped off by heavy winds in Magwaveni are of Tongaat – KZN. Several people including young children have reported varying degrees of injuries after their homes began to collapse.

Reaction Officers responded to several calls for assistance from the members of the community in Tongaat to deal with torrential rain and hail storm. A team of reaction officers has been helping the people who are stuck in their houses and or injured.


The rescue and rehabilitation efforts from the reaction officers started after the wind had subsided. Properties in La Mercy, Sandfields, Fairbreeze, Sea Tides and Desainager were affected by the devastation.

The meteorological office and the office of the Premier of KwaZulu Natal had previously warned the people of the province regarding the adverse weather. At the same time, both the offices are keeping an eye on the situation.

The weather continues to remain a cause of concern for the people of the province as many family members have sustained injuries as a result of  the tornado. Many family members have also reported that their loved ones are stuck in the wreckage of their homes.

As the situation is becoming clearer, many reports of people being dead  als-are also emerging from within the province. The Reaction officers are continuously working to help the members of the community, who have called for assistance.

The members of the reaction unit have shared that the roads of the district were blocked by uprooted trees. This led to delay for the First Responders to reach the affected areas. They had to locate alternate routes to reach emergencies.

Meanwhile, Several residents whose homes were in the path of the tornado were displaced due to the weather. The properties of these residents were extremely damaged in the tornado and are no longer fit for living


A female from Rama Drive in Sandfields – KZN was reported dead after a wall collapsed on her. Meanwhile, a 16 month old child from Zondi Road in Sandfields – KZN was also killed in a structural collapse and her twin sister was seriously injured.

Residents including the elderly were evacuated from extensively damaged homes that posed a risk of collapsing.