Reaction Unit recovers electronics stolen from Parkgate – KZN

South Africa: An HP laptop and a Bluetooth speaker which  was stolen during a burglary attempt in Parkgate – KZN was recovered the same day by Reaction Unit South Africa. The incident involving the theft of the gadgets  happened on Thursday.

The reaction officers received a call for assistance from a member of the Palmview Community Policing Forum. He had allegedly seen a house break-in in progress on Wimbledon Road when he called the Reaction Unit.


After receiving the call, the Reaction Unit immediately dispatched a team of officers. On arrival at the scene who saw that the suspect was leaving a house through its roof. The officers then chased the theft suspect on foot.

They chased the suspect between Parkgate and Palmview – KZN  during which he dropped a laptop bag and a Bluetooth speaker. Afterwards, the suspect fled across a river and into a dense bush that was going into Phoenix – KZN.

Reaction Officers returned to the property to the owners who lived on Wimbledon Road. The officers further interviewed the victims of the robbery attempt. The investigation revealed that the suspect had entered through an outbuilding.

He removed the ceiling tiles of one of the rooms and forced his way into a rented room. The suspect then stole the laptop.

The members of the public have shared that they believe the suspect might have been a drug user. The suspect might have stolen the laptop and Bluetooth speaker to sell it and buy recreational drugs

Residents informed RUSA that houses along the river separating Phoenix and Ottawa – KZN are being burgled by drug users on a regular basis. They claimed the situation has become extremely worrisome for the people.


They have urged the members of the community to find a long lasting solution for the safety of the people and their property. Meanwhile, the social media users have also applauded the members of Reaction Unit South Africa for their diligent work.

They acknowledged that the Reaction Unit prevented the loss of the victims’ property and returned both the gadgets safely.