UWP Campaign of Defamation: A Threat to Dominica’s Economic Future

Roseau, Dominica: The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) of Dominica has been extensively involved in the campaign to defame the country and sabotage its national economy.

The political party is continually making baseless allegations against various ongoing projects in Dominica, aiming to become a significant barrier in the overall development of the Nature Isle.

This is not the first time that the opposition is trying to defame the country at an international front. Several times in the past too, UWP’s members have tried to do the same in an attempt to negatively portray the image of the incumbent government.

The economic analysts are claiming that if the opposition succeeds in halting the development, it could impact the ongoing construction of the international airport among many others, causing economic turmoil in the country. The analysts also stated that this would be the last thing to happen in Dominica and will turn out to be worse than Hurricane Maria.

Accordingly, it is also being said that the impact on the national economy is anticipated to be equal to a nuclear bomb and will shatter the hopes and dreams of thousands of Dominicans.

It is to be noted that the International Monetary Fund projected a growth of 4.6% for Dominica, saying that major projects including the Marina and others will be game changers if realised.

The continuous development of the country which is being recognised by the world gradually is pushing the United Workers Party to halt it and defame the country.

However, the claims put forth by the UWP to tarnish the image of the country and the Dominica government have always turned out to be hollow as they always fail to present evidences against their allegations.

Leader of UWP - Lennox Linton (PC - Facebook)The United Workers Party addressing a gathering, Image: Youtube
Leader of UWP – Lennox Linton (PC – Facebook)
The United Workers Party addressing a gathering, Image: Youtube

The conspiracies of the United Workers Party and its leader Lennox Linton to sabotage the country’s name is apparent with their own statements. Earlier this year, Linton stated that in politics when a story keeps being repeated, whether it’s true or not, after a while people will start believing it. So he is using that strategy but it seems not to be working and added that the story is not gaining any traction locally, regionally, or internationally.

This clearly showcases that the opposition, resistant to change, is striving to halt this march towards a resilient future. The United Workers Party which has no vision claim that the growth is not welcome, but the people of Dominica speak differently and support the current government in all the initiatives and is looking forward to more development in the near future.

All these efforts by the UWP are a clear sign that they are looking to climb the ladder to the top chair.

Not only this, but the UWP was also found to be involved in the so-called investigative research report of OCCRP. It was said that the report which pointed fingers towards the finest Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica was released by journalists who had direct links with the Dominican opposition and its political workers. The OCCRP targeted Dominica of providing citizenship to the illegitimate people but failed to prove so and the opposition’s hand in this report again showed their failed attempt to put the country negatively in front of the world.

On the other hand, one of the world leading news providers, Al Jazeera also revealed a report which showed documents having Linton’s signature on them with the document promising a diplomatic passport to a businessman in exchange of huge funds for campaigning.

Reports from Al Jazeera
Reports from Al Jazeera
Reports from Al Jazeera
Reports from Al Jazeera

Do Nothing Campaign

Not only this, but also the United Workers Party launched the Do Nothing campaign in March 2024, which asked the citizens to refrain from opening and operating their businesses for the entire week. This campaign faced a huge backlash from the locals with many of them saying that it will disrupt their daily lives.

The UWP’s call for the public to be lethargic and not engage in any type of hard work showcases its party’s ultimate motive to do nothing. While the party workers called it an action for the benefit of the people, but the public found it as a step against their livelihoods.

The Government and the general public criticised the party and the campaign and said that the members of UWP had nothing productive to do which is why they are trying to play with the lives of common people.