Cape Flats communities living in fear due to increase in gun violence

Cape Town: The communities of Cape Flats are living in fear due to increase in ongoing gang and gun violence. The city cleared that it has recorded more than 430 shooting incidents across just four gang areas in the last month.

Recently, South African Police Services (SAPS) arrested a suspect after discovering an arms cache and a large quantity of drugs, counted to the value of R3 million in Goodwood.

SAPS spokesperson – Andre Traut said that it is a routine stop and search procedure by the members of the Flying Squad that led to the discovery of the arms cache and drugs at the weekend.

Traut stated that the attention of the vigilant Flying Squad members was drawn to a silver Ford double-cab bakkie under suspicious circumstances in Athlone, that prompted them to stop and search the vehicle and the occupant. The search resulted in the discovery of an unlicensed 9mm firearm, drugs and a substantial amount of cash.

Reportedly, the driver aged 28, was arrested and interrogated that led SAPS to an apartment in the Bergzicht complex situated in the Goodwood where the search was extended. Here, the officers found 19 firearms of various calibres including AK-47 assault rifle, a shotgun and other automatic and semi-automatic firearms as well as assortment of drugs that valued R3m.

Spokesperson Traut added further to his statement and said that they have a reason to believe that the apartment was leased in the suspect’s name and was never used as a residence but rather a storing facility for the firearms and the drugs.

With the unfolding of police investigation more imminent arrests were recorded. Following which the Chairperson of the Cape Crime Crisis Coalition – Llewellyn MacMaster said that after reading a report that is detailed and over one week 120 people have been murdered with more than 90 attempted murders from June 24 to June 30, and now they will mobilise civil society organisations to ensure the safety of the citizens.