Chilanga Cement PLC launches pheonix upgrade

Chilanga Cement PLC has officially inaugurated the Ndola Kiln Upgrade Project for the benefit of the people

Zambia: Chilanga Cement PLC has officially inaugurated the Ndola Kiln Upgrade Project for the benefit of the people. The organization noted that it is an important enhancement to the Ndola cement plant’s capacity and environmental sustainability.

The launch event for the upgrade project was hosted on Wednesday by the Ndola facility of Chilanga Cement. The event was attended by many important members of the community such as Senior Chief Chiwala.

The other attendants included the Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Augustine Kasongo on behalf of Elisha Matambo, Copperbelt Provincial Minister, alongside Muna Hantuba, Chairman of the Chilanga Cement Board, and Jianping Chai, CEO of Chilanga Cement.

Th e Provincial Minister of Copperbelt Matambo delivered a brief address, which was conveyed on his behalf by the Permanent Secretary. The Minister highlighted the project’s vital role in bolstering the construction sector and the wider economic landscape of the Copperbelt Province.

Muna Hantuba provided insights into the project’s extensive scope and its forward-looking vision.

The upgrade project for the Cement plant is being considered as the “Phoenix Project.” The authorities have promised that the upgrade signifies a new era of innovation and progress for the Ndola facility.

Jianping Chai, CEO of Chilanga Cement, reiterated the firm’s dedication to fostering economic growth within the region. The stakeholders who are involved in the project are expected to reach completion within eight months.

The initiative promises to boost the use of renewable energy sources and improve product standards. The update  solidifying Chilanga Cement’s reputation for delivering top-tier services to its clientele.

The project is a proof of the Huaxin Group’s commitment to the economic expansion of the country and the continent.  They are working towards this project with a special focus on Zambia.

At the end of the ceremony, the stakeholders have promised that they want to to maintain safety of the project. They promised that they want to achieve the goals laid out in the  project without any incidents.

Gift Danga Corporate Affairs and Communications Manager at Chilanga Cement PLC made these remarks in a press release.