‘Fill Up Queens Sports Club’ Bulawayo shut down concert to hit Zimbabwe in April 2024

Bulawayo is all set to welcome the most awaited musical event of the year 2024, aims to achieve the theme ‘Fill Up Queens Sports Club’

Photograph from the previous Bulawayo shut down concert
Photograph from the previous Bulawayo shut down concert

Zimbabwe: Bulawayo is all set to welcome the most awaited musical event of the year 2024. It is a shut-down concert that aims to achieve the theme ‘Fill Up Queens Sports Club’. The concert will feature South African rapper ‘Kwesta’ and will be observed on April 27, 2024, at the iconic venue.

His musical event invites thousands of fans from all over the country to visit and participate, especially during the ZTIF period.

Rice is the selected ambassador for the promoter of the show and is thrilled to have Kwesta as the main performer and that he would take him on a tour around the city to showcase its beauty and culture.

Promoter Rice expressed, “I am very excited that we managed to invite Kwesta to the shut down that will be held in Bulawayo. We will take him on a tour around our beautiful city, showing him the beauty of our country.”

He said, “We will also be having TikTokers and other artists who are big in this industry.”

Rice added that this event will also take place during the ZITF period, therefore it will be good for business networking. We expect a good turnout as people from various cities around Zimbabwe will be gathered in Bulawayo, for the ZITF and it will also be an opportunity to display the abundant talent, that is found in Bulawayo.

Kwesta is a popular singer who has released hit singles such as Spirit, Njandini, Ngud, Vur Vai and Ngiyazifela Ngawe, etc. His real name is Senzo Mfundo Mvelase. His deep voice sets him apart from other rappers who sing in his genre.

Kwesta is excited to perform for the first time in Zimbabwe and is looking forward to connecting with his fans and fellow artists in Bulawayo.

South African Rapper Kwesta
South African Rapper Kwesta

Kwesta also released a video confirming his participation in the concert. In the video, he said that he is going to keep it real, “I’m going to keep it real and I want to be 100 with you, I have never been to Zimbabwe before and am so happy that we changed it, so on the 27th of April your boy Kwesta live for the first time ever in Zimbabwe, I’ll be out there for the Bulawayo shut down in Bulawayo, ‘Uyangthola’.

He urged, “Check me out shut down in Bulawayo, I can’t wait to see you, I can’t wait to connect, Bulawayo shut down in Bulawayo 27 April first time ever in Zimbabwe.”

The photographer and videographer from Bulawayo, DJ Mzoe said that he was happy and honoured to share the stage with Kwesta and that he hoped to show him what Bulawayo was made of.

DJ Mzoe expressed, “I feel happy and very excited that I will be performing with Kwesta as this is also his first time to be coming to Bulawayo, we also hope to show him what Bulawayo is made up of, as he will also come eager to see for himself the Bulawayo, as he always heard from stories.”

“We are very excited to be hosting him for the first time, we are also looking forward to learn and share ideas with him which I feel will benefit a lot of artists in our country,” said Mzoe.