Musebo Village man seeks support to get elevated wheelchair

Zambia: A 21 year old physically challenged man of Musebo Village in Lupososhi District of Northern Province has asked for support from the community to procure a wheelchair. He has asked people to help him  in getting access to the better mobility facilities through the elevated wheelchair.

He has come forward to share the various challenges that he has been facing in his life, with respect to his disability. He also called on the people to support him by making the donation for the benefit of the people.

Chrispine Musebo of Musebo village informed the people of the community that the donation will help him to ease his mobility. Musebo who has been suffering with a rare medical condition which has led to his permanent disability.

He currently has a wheelchair which helps him in moving around. However, says the current wheelchair he is using is not able to navigate the terrain in the area where he lives.

While asking for support, he informed the people of the district that he recently fell while trying to navigate bumpy patches as he was going to church. The inability of his mobility support to navigate the area can lead to permanent damage to his physical wellbeing.

Musebo expanded upon the same thing explained the need for well-wishers to come on board and help him. He spoke to the media in a telephonic interview and his story was picked up and taken to the masses.

“I’m currently in real pain because I fell down as I was trying to navigate a pothole on my way to church on Saturday. Right now the pain is unbearable,” he stated.

Musebo further stated that the leg has grown bigger than it has been, an indication that it needs quick attention. The person living with disability has been navigating his challenges with support from the wellwishers since 2021.

Chrispine Musebo was spotted in December 2021 by a journalist. At this point, he did not have a wheelchair. A Lusaka based company HESCO purchased a modern wheelchair which he has been using since then.

However, now he is in need of an elevated wheelchair, so that accidents happening due to tarrain of his village can be avoided.