Nigeria: Fans groove as Fortune Nada and Friends perform

Nigeria: Fortune Nada shared some glimpses from her most recent performance in Rivers State, Nigeria. The artist, whose roots can be traced back to Port Harcourt in Nigeria, has been entertaining the masses for several years.

With her dedication and sheer will, she has created a niche for herself among the biggest names in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She has been entertaining fans and admirers through much demanded live shows and concerts.

Her latest live show, which was hosted in Rivers State, the Vincents Car Wash and Sports Bar, attracted a sea of fans and admirers. Nada shared her experience from the concert, where she received the love and admiration of her fans on the live stage.

The artist was accompanied by a full-fledged team of remarkable artists and musicians filled with talent and energy. Some of the most notable names in the list of musicians on the stage of the Vincents Car Wash and Sports Bar are:

  • Surmountz 
  • Mr2much 
  • King Jfly 
  • Ivoltage 
  • Amarachi 
  • Arite (Nigerian Idol)

 The artists were responsible for providing the attendants with the experience of a lifetime. According to the video which Fortune Nada shared on her social media account, they were successful in this goal.

In the said video, Nada delivered an energetic performance on the stage with the crowd grooving to the sounds of her music. The large lineup of artists and musicians also delivered equally remarkable performance for their respective fans to groove to.

The social media page of Nada featured some genuine and heartfelt compliments from her fans and admirers regarding her performance. The artist has been growing a fanbase with her hard work and determination. 

People are extremely excited to see her perform live at the various venues across the nation. Some of her fans have even asked her to come to their states for a show or a concert. The people of Nigeria are some of the top consumers of entertainment based content.

This is why several musicians, actors and social media stars have emerged out of the nation in the last decade. Artists who grew to prominence have had the strong support of their fans and Fortune Nada is working towards that status steadily.