People shows crocodile tears only, Gov’t chief whip: Thomas Tayebwa

According to Government chief whip ‘Thomas Tayebwa,’ the position as a speaker of Parliament can not be ring-faced in any specific region.

Furthermore, he also added that the selection process of the late Oulanyah was not based on the election; he was selected because he was from Acholi but on the basis of merit.


Then, Mp answered the question of a journalist who asked him to comment on a request by MPs that the Speakership be ring-fenced for northern Uganda.

According to Tayebwa, Oulanyah was not only a northerner, but he was also a journalist, and I believe that he would curse anyone who said, ring-face this position for Northern Uganda.

Tayebwa stated that most of the supporters whose votes got Oulanyah into office did not come from northern Uganda.

“His biggest supporters belong to other regions, and I have seen people who only showed crocodile tears, and it is very unfortunate said Tayebwa.

“These are voices of destruction, and they should be condemned. We are nationalists, we know they are mourning, but that is not how you should mourn,” he added.

Tayebwa highlighted that ring-fencing a leadership position might set a precedent, in which each region might want to achieve that position which they hold limited for only for their people.


It clearly depicts that when His Excellency goes, westerners will demand to ring-fence the position of President for westerners, “he further urged colleagues if you argue that someone should be voted because he belongs to northern Uganda, then goes to hell.”

Tayebwa’s comments come at a backdrop of a petition from the Acholi, Lango and West Nile Parliamentary Caucus, urging President Museveni to ring-fence the office of the Speaker for someone from the north.

There was a petition stating that MPs of Uganda were arguing that the administration of NRM is receiving overwhelming support and a resounding victory from the Northern region in the previous elections, an achievement that the now late Oulanyah championed.

This was a reward; unfortunately, Oulanyah was entrusted with the Speaker’s position, vanishing by his demise.

They also said that if their wish is not granted, they will not participate in the voting of the new Speaker.

The election of the next Speaker of Parliament is scheduled for Friday, March 25, 2022.

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