Gaborone: Mayor Austin Abraham unveils City Lights music festival

Gaborone: The Mayor of Gaborone Austin Abraham launched the City Lights music festival to welcome New Year 2024. The event will be held at the Royal Aria Stadium on December 31, 2023, with many legends of Botswanan Music in attendance.

The launch event for the music festival was hosted on December 8, 2023. Many stakeholders of the Gaborone administration, including the Deputy Governor of Gaborone City, were present at the event. The people of Gaborone have expressed their sincere delight at the launch of the initiative.

Notably, other details for the event will be revealed later. The music festival hosted by the Gaborone Administration is expected to feature the legends of the Botswana Music Industry.

Artists from overseas, including South Africa, will also be present at the festival to entertain the audience.

The artists who will be present at the event will not only represent their brand but also the brand of Gaborone. Some of the artists who have been approached for the initiative are:

  • Master KG
  • Nkosazana Daughter
  • Black Motion
  • ATI
  • Scar
  • DJ Fresh
  • Rockzie

Many budding artists of Botswana will get the chance to take the stage at the City Lights Music Festival. They will get the chance to showcase their talent in front of a live audience in a kind of once in a lifetime opportunity.

The festival will also bring many fans and admirers of Gaborone. It is the economic and political capital of Botswana. It is also one of the most popular cities in the country for travellers and tourists to visit.

The administration of Gaborone is making efforts to increase the economic prevalence of the country. Mayor Austin Abraham claimed that he supports activities that promote economic activity in the city.

He added that the Mayor’s office is always open for those who have proposals for initiatives that can better the economy of the city.

Meanwhile, he also claimed that events such as City lights festival will bring life to the city. “Most of the time people travel outside the city or country to attend events.” stated Mayor Austin. “This time people will be coming into the city for the City Lights event and stimulate economic activities.”