Zambia: Grade 9 student constructs classroom block in Lundazi

Zambia: A student of Lundazi Boarding Secondary School in Eastern Province, Fredrick Phiri is helping construct and rehabilitate a classroom block in Lundazi, Zambia. The youngster who took the initiative for the job is a student in grade nine.

Fredrick Phiri has brought many laurels to his School with the help of his immense talent in the field of engineering. He has implemented the same skills for the construction of the classroom block in his district.


He was one of the participants in the 2023 Junior Engineers, Technicians Scientists (JETS) National Fair. The JETs fair is a prestigious and high-profile event in the Zambian school calendar.

The learning initiative was held under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the National Science Centre in Lusaka.

The talented youngster was one of the finalists of the 2023 JETS fair hosted under the theme: “Promoting Innovation, Entrepreneurship: Accelerating the Growth and Development of STEM.”

After the fair concluded, the youngster returned to Lundazi Boarding Secondary School. Ever since Fredrick has taken an active role in rehabilitating a classroom block at his School.

The Zambia ministry of Education has acknowledged and appreciated the youngster for taking an active part in community development. The construction and rehabilitation of the classroom block will serve the community well.

Accordingly, the Director of the National Science Center in the Ministry of Education, Dr Benson Banda, is happy with the initiative taken by Fredrick.


He applauded the youngster for making practical use of his knowledge to help in the real-time development of the people. Banda said JETS is all about what Fredrick is doing and not only awarding of certificates.

“We at the Ministry of Education are excited with learners such as Fredrick because they demonstrate what JETS is all about. We are in the process of reforming our circular to embrace what learners such as Fredrick are doing.” Dr. Banda said.