Reuben Kamanga calls football key to improve sports sector

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Reuben Kamanga calls football key to improve sports sector, Image: facebook
Reuben Kamanga calls football key to improve sports sector, Image: facebook

Zambia: Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) General Secretary Reuben Kamanga has highlighted the need for the organization to develop Football in the country. The general secretary shared that the says the development of youth football is key to improving the standards of the sport in the country.

The inclusion of the youngsters will also help the members of the community remain productive and contribute affectively to the development of the nation. The Football Association of Zambia has been working hard to encourage more and more talented individuals to participate in the organization.

The football association shared that they want the schools of the country to encourage better participation from the students. General Secretary of Football Association, Kamanga has called on the football academies to work with the local football governing body.

They are working diligently to develop youth football in the country.

The FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga made these remarks during the launch of the Zambia Football Championship. The championship is an upcoming tournament for academies that is being organized by Elite Stars Football Academy.

Further, the FAZ General Secretary said there are various existing programmes in place that support grass root football. The organization wants to bring the talent of the youngsters of the nation to the forefront

Kamanga applauded the Elite Stars Football Academy for the Zambia Football Championship. He furthrer urged the academy to consider allowing their coaching team to take part in internationally recognized football development courses which are hosted by the association.

Elite Stars Football Academy Chairperson,  Timothy Chiyende delivered a brief address at the launch event. He said the tournament will be hosted on June 29 and June 30.

The sports event will feature contests for both boys and girls categories.

He further explained that the sportspersons from different age groups battling it out during the tournament. The event will be open for the players starting from the age of 8 years to 18

Further, Financial Services International (FSI) is the sole sponsor of the tournament.